About Us


Since 1985, the City of Laredo Health Department has provided HIV/AIDS services to detect and prevent HIV transmission, treat HIV disease and delay the onset of AIDS among people in Webb, Zapata, Jim Hogg, Starr and Duval Counties.

Our Goal Is To:

• Prevent the spread of HIV
• Provide care and support to those affected and infected with the disease
• Reduce the vulnerability of individuals in this community to HIV/AIDS

How Can We Accomplish This?

FREE HIV, Hepatitis C, and Syphilis Counseling and Testing Services
FREE HIV Rapid Testing – you can get your results within 12 minutes.
FREE individual and group educational sessions
FREE intense one on one client risk counseling services
FREE HIV prevention activities designed to bring in HIV positive people and their main sex and/or needle sharing partners to get tested for HIV
FREE Medical Case Management services
FREE HIV Care Services such as doctor’s appointments, HIV medications, lab work, dental care consultations, nutritional therapy, mental health counseling and other HIV/AIDS treatment services.
FREE Housing assistance



Mission Statement

To develop, provide and promote comprehensive HIV awareness among the priority populations and other at-risk groups. This is accomplished through a community-based culturally appropriate, and profession working relationship between staff and clients based on trust, confidentiality, and mutual respect.
As the leading advocate for community action against HIV/AIDS, the City of Laredo Health Department’s HIV/AIDS Program leads, strengthens, supports and expands responses to the epidemic.

Seeking to fill a gap in our community’s mental health care services, Manuel Sanchez and Arturo Diaz of the City of Laredo Health Department founded the non-profit mental health care and outreach center known as PILLAR (People with Ideas of Love, Liberty, Acceptance, and Respect). In 2009, a health department community mobilization effort to prevent HIV/AIDS revealed the huge need for counseling and mental health services as well as a safe haven for the LGBT population in Laredo and five years later PILLAR is still going strong, helping to fulfill that need.

“Building PILLAR: Lessons in Community Mobilization”
Mobilize Media Partners and PILLAR with the support of Texas DSHS created this 12-minute documentary to showcase PILLAR’s contribution to the Laredo community and to inspire others to engage in community mobilization as a effective method for addressing social health or other problems in their community.

Click link to view  Building PILLAR: Lessons in Community Mobilization

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